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Dark Love Stories

Every relationship has a daylight side and a shadow side. It doesn’t mean that every relationship is abusive or hostile; it simply means there are truths that are unraveled only in the dark. 
I write sexy stuff. All the naughty bits are central to the stories I’m telling. You learn more about someone when they’re naked and vulnerable than at any other time. 
Each of these stories is about love. And every love wears many faces.

The Beautiful Corpses

Long-lost paintings from an unknown Renaissance artist are discovered in France. As restoration expert Cate Bennett removes the layers of damage from the erotic paintings, her own dark desires are rekindled.



Our Perfect Flaws

What happens when you fall in love with the one person you can’t have? For Cam and Evan, their forbidden relationship has stained every part of their lives. Even now, after 30 years apart, the dark attraction still burns strong. Every love story deserves to be told. Even this one. CLICK FOR MORE

Here There Be Dragons

When Mia met Sean, she thought she’d found true love. But passion quickly turned to pain. After escaping Sean’s abuse, Mia thought she was free. But trauma never really abandons you. Sometimes the best past is a dead one.




When you fall in love, nothing can keep you apart. A boy who plays the colors of the sounds he hears. A girl who is lost inside her own mind. And a dark family secret that has torn them apart. How far would you go to find your true love?


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