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Short Fiction

I’ve been asked why certain stories of mine are short stories and others are full novels. That’s a question best left to the stories themselves. Some truth just doesn’t take as long to find. 
Short fiction is an art form unto itself. It’s a challenge as a writer. We’re not always known for our brevity. I mean, why say something in four words that could easily be done in fourteen? The challenge comes from creating a fully realized world in ten pages. 
Short fiction also allows you as the reader to devour a fully-realized story in a short amount of time. We don’t always have time to stay up all night and insomnia read.

Midwestern Love Songs

What does love mean to you? Is it the love of where you are? Who you’re with? Or is it the love of something intangible? Love appears in many forms. No matter who you are, you’ve sung the song. Eight short stories that explore the passion, peril, anguish, and beauty of love.



B Sides

Sex. Secrets. Fury. Fear. Gluttony. Vulnerability. Salvation. These are the things that hide in the darkness of our souls. Eight stories peel back the shadows to reveal the broken, fragile lattice that holds us together.



West Coast Stories

At the far end of the country, where the sun goes down for the last time, you’ll find the West Coast. It’s a land of make-believe and stark, rugged beauty. And everyone who lives there has a story.


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