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Thrillers & Mysteries

With the glut of true crime podcasts, streaming documentaries, network shows, and books, we really have a fascination with how people try to get away with murder. I love a good crime. Yes, I most definitely want to know why she killed her husband and chopped up his body with the riding lawn mower. Thank you for asking.
I love learning why. What sends people over the edge? What compulsions direct their rampages? And even more fascinating to me are the people who hunt them down, professionals and amateurs alike.

The Postman's Daughter Series


A Postman's Daughter Story

A serial killer that uses snake venom to kill. An FBI agent with her own secret past. As the body count grows, Special Agent Anne Burge realizes that the killer knows much more about her past than anyone should. The complex and terrifying story of The Postman’s Daughter begins. CLICK FOR MORE

The Dollmaker
A Postman's Daughter Story

Someone is abducting young girls. FBI agent Anne Burge is drawn into the search, which leads to an online gaming platform and a gruesome secret. As Anne gets closer to learning the truth, she faces her own deadly reunion with her dark past. CLICK FOR MORE


Excitable Boy
A Postman's Daughter Story

The final chapter of The Postman's Daughter's story brings Anne Burge face-to-face with the question, is there such a thing as a pure psychopath? The answer leads her to make the most important decision of her life. CLICK FOR MORE


Remember Amanda Fehrenhold?

A twenty-year-old unsolved murder is just the thing that true crime enthusiast Max Cassidy needs to add some excitement to her life. That is if she can find time between caring for her 3 kids, her demented mother, and her co-dependent ex-husband.


The Lost Paradise Mystery Book Club

The residents of the tiny Hawaiian town of Lost Paradise are being murdered. The killer remains elusive. For the members of the Lost Paradise Mystery Book Club, this is their opportunity to solve a real crime. Until they become the targets.


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