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Solving A Murder Is No Laughing Matter.

Everyone remembers Amanda Fehrenhold. Twenty years ago, the high school senior disappeared without a trace. Her dismembered body was discovered months later encased in concrete. Amanda’s murder cast a shadow over her hometown and still remains unsolved two decades later.
For Max Cassidy, neck-deep in her thirties and living back at home with her mother, life is excruciating chaos. Between her autistic daughter, feral twins, philandering ex-husband, a wackadoodle mother, plus the addition of an unexpected romantic relationship, there isn’t much time for herself. Hiding in the bathroom while eating a full sleeve of cookies and listening to true crime podcasts is her only escape. Max’s life is a steaming mess, but hey, it’s her steaming mess.  
As the anniversary of the gruesome unsolved killing rolls around, Max announces that she is going to be the person to solve the murder of Amanda Fehrenhold. Using her Google stalking skills, crime podcast knowledge, and the reluctant help of her childhood friends, Maria and sidelined cop Mikey, she starts to unravel the mystery. What Max doesn’t expect is that Amanda’s life was a whole lot more complicated than anyone knew.
As Max and her friends discover clues that were overlooked in the initial investigation, the unexpected truth about who killed Amanda Fehrenhold just might be the last thing Max ever learns.

Available in trade paperback, hardcover,

and for Kindle

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