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"This book was INCREDIBLE. I’ve read it multiple times, and it’s one of those books that resonates deeply and stays with you. I HIGHLY recommend it!"
"Hannah’s story draws you in so completely that not only does it feel like she’s the last human on the planet, but that you are too. In short: read it!"

What Would You Do If You Were The Last Person?

The end of the world started with the flu that came from Asia. They nicknamed it General Tsao. No one thought much of it. Within six months, everyone was dead. Except for fourteen-year-old Hannah Barton.
Hannah buried her family in graves she dug in her backyard in Detroit. With nowhere left to go, she set off for Charleston, South Carolina, where her family had once vacationed. 
Hannah’s trek to South Carolina takes her through the wild, terrifying, and empty landscape of America.  Wild animals are everywhere, and the corpses of millions of dead human bodies become the thing of nightmares. 
The first year of Hannah’s solitary life is a story of survival. With no one to help her, she alone must find the basic necessities to live. In the midst of the end, Hannah tries to make a new beginning.
The First Year is a vivid first-person experience through Hannah’s eyes as she learns what it’s like to be the last person on earth.


Available in trade paperback, hardcover,

and for Kindle

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