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"Freaky... (a) disturbing serial killer book... highly suggest!"


Prey That Doesn't Fight Back Can't Hurt You.

Anne Burge hunts serial killers. As the head of an FBI Behavioral Science team, she is the best at what she does. Her ability to track and find human predators is because of her father, a notorious serial killer nicknamed The Postman. For the first nine years of Anne’s life, her father used her as bait to lure his victims. She saw how it was done firsthand. Anne has kept her dark past secret. Until now.
In Florida, a series of gruesome killings are escalating. Nicknamed “Pussy Venom” on the internet, Anne’s latest serial killer rapes and then injects snake venom into his victims’ sexual organs. Death takes time, and the venom eliminates all trace evidence. A lucky break gives Anne and her team their first lead, but Anne is convinced that Venom doesn’t make mistakes. 
As Venom’s body count grows and accelerates, Anne begins to realize that these killings are connected to her own past and that she’ll have to face her deepest fears to find the killer.
Anne Burge is a woman set apart from the flow of everyday life. She’s seen the faces of the monsters that walk among us. She knows that a part of her is the monster she hunts. As her tightly-controlled persona unravels, her true nature emerges.

Fierce is the pulse-pounding and sexually-charged first installment of the Postman’s Daughter series.


Available in trade paperback, hardcover,

and for Kindle

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