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What Does Love Mean To You?

Eight stories explore the pain and anguish and beauty of love.
A Beautiful Girl
After a disfiguring accident, a young woman learns what real beauty is.
The Farm
A billionaire uses his wealth and power to make the world a better place.
The Last Lighthouse Keeper
The final manned lighthouse in the Great Lakes is set to become automated, but not if the last lighthouse keeper has anything to say about it. 
Hero Worship
A Hollywood legend who died too young has one last secret to reveal.
The Golden Hour
After a devastating tornado, a man takes stock of everything he’s lost and everything he values.
What Becomes A Girl Most
A lonely bank teller dreams of her romantic possibilities.
A Shot At Redemption
After the death of their greedy son, his elderly parents try to redeem his soul.
Words For Goodnight
A young father tucks his daughter into bed for the night.

Available in trade paperback, hardcover,

and for Kindle

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