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To Catch A Predator, You Need Prey.

Anne Burge knows what it means to fail. The public fallout surrounding the revelation of her real identity as the daughter of the notorious serial killer known as The Postman has forced Anne to leave the FBI in disgrace. She has moved to the middle of nowhere, as far as she can get from the demons that haunt her. A new home, a new love, a new town, but Anne will always hear the siren call of her past.
Meanwhile, young teenage girls are disappearing in the Heartland. One by one, the girls vanish without a trace. Someone is taking the girls in broad daylight.
With no bodies and no leads, the local sheriff and his young lead detective, Sonja Greene, drag Anne into the case of the missing girls. The disappearances lead to an online game and an anonymous gamer tag, Gamer1462, who offers cheat codes in exchange for nude photos. But Gamer1462 desires much more than pictures.  
The truth about Gamer1462 is more terrifying than anyone can fathom. As Anne’s own past races to catch up with her, Sonja is left alone to face the worst nightmare she can imagine.

The Dollmaker is the second act of the Postman’s Daughter series.


Available in trade paperback, hardcover,

and for Kindle

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