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The End Of The World Is Just The Beginning.

The ice caps have melted. Coastlines are underwater. Billions are dead. The rest are dying. And the world hasn’t seen rain in over a year. Those who have survived face a world without food, water, or power. 
It’s been six months since the lights went out. You’ve buried your family in shallow graves. The United States has become a wasteland. Neighbors kill neighbors. Rampaging gangs pillage the empty landscape. But from the ashes of survival, small sparks of hope emerge. Not all the survivors have lost their humanity.
Suddenly a familiar voice on the radio tells says they’ve got the power on. They have running water. And they’re going to start over again in the Redemption Colony. The televangelist John Meadows has delivered hope. But admission to Redemption comes at a cost.   
As a ragtag group of survivors makes their way to Redemption, they learn that survival comes at a terrible price. The dead are the lucky ones.
Water is a post-apocalyptic thrill ride and a vivid preview of the catastrophic effects of climate change that get worse every day.

Available in trade paperback, hardcover,

and for Kindle

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