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"A thrill ride from the beginning with a shocking twist at the end"        "I loved it!"


Welcome To Paradise.

The tiny Hawaiian town of Lost Paradise is at the edge of the world, far from everything and that’s how the locals like it. When a series of grisly murders take place, the targets seem to be the members of The Lost Paradise Mystery Book Club. It seems like everyone in Lost Paradise has a secret. Because everyone who comes to the far edge of the world has a reason for doing so.
Police chief Mitch Kupono is faced with the reality that the killer is walking among them, and is already ten steps ahead. Mitch has no idea what he’s doing and relies on former detective Linda Parrington, his deputy chief, to lead the investigation. With each twist and turn, the body count grows higher, and the town spirals deeper and deeper into panic.
For book club members Chloe Kupono, Jenny Arpaio, and Lucy Kleinschmidt, the Lost Paradise murders represent the first excitement they’ve had in years. In a town with so many secrets, everyone is a suspect. Not everything in Lost Paradise is as it seems. And no one is telling the whole story.

The Lost Paradise Mystery Book Club is a page-turning whodunit that will keep even the most ardent mystery fan guessing until the shocking ending. Every small town is full of hidden stories, sex, and secrets. Lost Paradise is no exception.

Available in trade paperback, hardcover,

and for Kindle

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