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When You Fall In Love, Nothing Can Keep
You Apart.
Leo Baxter was the boy who played the colors of the sounds he heard. Taken under the wing of famed Russian conductor and composer Abraham Deresofsky, Leo became a phenomenon. Abraham absorbed Leo into his life, his family, his world. But when Leo met Abraham’s daughter Jusette, he knew he’d found his great love.
The young prodigy was loved by everyone except Abraham’s son, Yael. Leo became the son Abraham had always wanted, and Yael exacted his revenge — a terrible nightmare that forced Leo out of the family, and drove Jusette to madness.
A dozen years later, Leo plays the colors of the sounds he hears for the New York commuters. Abraham’s death prompts Leo to return to find his lost Jusette, and to discover the truth about what led her to madness.
Intermezzo is a short novel about the beauty and pain of love and the toxic persistence of family secrets.

Available in trade paperback and hardcover

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