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We're all bruised and damaged.

But it's that damage that makes us beautiful. I prefer broken people. The most interesting among us are the most damaged. 
I write books about real people, even though they’re only real to us. The people whose stories we’re sharing are flawed, sad, broken, funny, brutal, glorious, and just trying to find their way in the world. Darkness is far more interesting than light. Lucy Alibi, Mia Adams, Cam and Evan Daniels, Anne Burge, Max Cassidy, Chloe Kupono, John Meadows… each of these complicated characters drive their stories. Because without strong, meaty, complex people, stories don’t have a soul.  
The dark stories I write are human stories. The shadowy rooms are where honesty lives. I write books that get better when you’re involved. I'm a novelist, a screenwriter, a playwright, and a comedian. I invite you to explore my dark and darkly funny world. Share your thoughts and let me know how you feel about what I'm saying. Until you step into the shadows, it's only me. 
And it sure is dark in here.

Thrillers & Mysteries

The Postman's Daughter Series

The Dollmaker Serial Killer Novel Book Jeff Rosenplot

A Postman's Daughter Story

A serial killer that uses snake venom to kill. An FBI agent with her own secret past. As the body count grows, Special Agent Anne Burge realizes that the killer knows much more about her past than anyone should. The complex and terrifying story of The Postman’s Daughter begins. CLICK FOR MORE

The Dollmaker
A Postman's Daughter Story

Someone is abducting young girls. FBI agent Anne Burge is drawn into the search, which leads to an online gaming platform and a gruesome secret. As Anne gets closer to learning the truth, she faces her own deadly reunion with her dark past.



Excitable Boy
A Postman's Daughter Story

The final chapter of The Postman's Daughter's story brings Anne Burge face-to-face with the question, is there such a thing as a pure psychopath? The answer leads her to make the most important decision of her life. CLICK FOR MORE


Remember Amanda Fehrenhold?

A twenty-year-old unsolved murder is just the thing that true crime enthusiast Max Cassidy needs to add some excitement to her life. That is if she can find time between caring for her 3 kids, her demented mother, and her co-dependent ex-husband.


The Lost Paradise Mystery Book Club

The residents of the tiny Hawaiian town of Lost Paradise are being murdered. The killer remains elusive. For the members of the Lost Paradise Mystery Book Club, this is their opportunity to solve a real crime. Until they become the targets. CLICK FOR MORE

Dystopian & Apocalyptic Fiction


The First Year

Hannah Barton is the last person on Earth. A deadly plague has killed everyone else. 14-year-old Hannah must survive her first year alone in a dead world. Facing terrors both real and imagined, Hannah’s survival depends solely on her abilities. CLICK FOR MORE



It hasn’t rained in a year. Civilization is in tatters. For those who remain, survival comes down to a single choice - kill or be killed. A voice on the radio promises hope and salvation.  But in this new world, nothing is ever as it appears. The end of the world is just the beginning.


Love Stories (for the adventurous)


The Beautiful Corpses

Long-lost paintings from an unknown Renaissance artist are discovered in France. As restoration expert Cate Bennett removes the layers of damage from the erotic paintings, her own dark desires are rekindled.



Our Perfect Flaws

What happens when you fall in love with the one person you can’t have? For Cam and Evan, their forbidden relationship has stained every part of their lives. Even now, after 30 years apart, the dark attraction still burns strong. Every love story deserves to be told. Even this one. CLICK FOR  MORE

Here There Be Dragons

When Mia met Sean, she thought she’d found true love. But passion quickly turned to pain. After escaping Sean’s abuse, Mia thought she was free. But trauma never really abandons you. Sometimes the best past is a dead one.




When you fall in love, nothing can keep you apart. A boy who plays the colors of the sounds he hears. A girl who is lost inside her own mind. And a dark family secret that has torn them apart. How far would you go to find your true love?


Short Fiction

Midwestern Love Songs

What does love mean to you? Is it the love of where you are? Who you’re with? Or is it the love of something intangible? Love appears in many forms. No matter who you are, you’ve sung the song. Eight short stories that explore the passion, peril, anguish, and beauty of love.



B Sides

Sex. Secrets. Fury. Fear. Gluttony. Vulnerability. Salvation. These are the things that hide in the darkness of our souls. Eight stories peel back the shadows to reveal the broken, fragile lattice that holds us together.



No End In Sight
The Official Handbook for the Permanently Sick

Having a chronic illness means that you’re permanently sick. It doesn’t mean you have to be permanently pissed off. This darkly funny and brutally honest book is what I needed when I first started running the gauntlet of doctors who had no idea what was wrong with me. This book won’t cure you, but neither will your doctor. We’ll just have more fun together. CLICK FOR MORE

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